How much does it cost to join the club?
Our Spirits Club is free to join! You only pay for the spirits you receive quarterly at your club discount. Our Barrel Club costs $1300 (thats roughly $50 per bottle)

Sprits Club

Do I get to pick out the spirits that go in my club?
Our Head Distiller carefully selects the spirits that will go into each club. Additional bottles of your choice may be added at your club discount though.

When are your shipments?
Quarterly in February, May, September and November

Can I take my first shipment today?
Our first shipment for the Spirits Club will be in February but you will receive your club discount on any purchases made today and onward.

What if I can’t make it to a pick up party?
No problem, we will hold your shipment here for up to 6 months. You can also send a friend to pick up your shipment at any time.

Can you ship to my house or business?
At this time we are only offer pick ups at The Distillery.

Can I bring friends to the pick up party?
Your membership includes two complimentary tickets to the pick up parties but additional may be purchased at $15 per guest. If they join our club while at the party, we are happy to refund you that amount.

Is there a fee to cancel?
There is no fee to cancel after you take the required two shipments.

Barrel Club

What is the fastest you can get the (28) bottles through the Barrel Club?
With the small barrel, it may be possible to hit 3 months (over a single quarterly member cycle) with added infusion spirals, but we recommend at least 6 months. Our distiller will help you determine when it’s ready.

What is the longest you can age the barrel?
Barrel club spirits can age up to 12 months before we require a renewal of their membership.

How long is the Barrel Club membership good for? Do they get the benefits even after their barrel is bottled?
Barrel Club perks are good until you pull your spirit, bottle and pickup at one of our mixers. You are then able to renue with an additional turn in the barrel with a new white spirit (up to 3 turns per barrel).

If you join the Barrel Club, can you go to the other pick up parties?
We throw an exclusive party just for our Barrel Club members to taste and pickup their spirits separate from our Spirits Club. The pick up parties are reserved for those members picking up their quarterly shipments.

Do you need to schedule an appointment to taste from the barrel?
Yes, in the weeks leading up to the quarterly bottling cut off, you can schedule an appointment to taste from your barrel, or have your distiller let you know if he thinks it’s ready.

Can you go in on a Barrel Club membership with someone or a group?
Yes, you can share in the costs and split the bottles amongst your group, but only two people can be on the account to receive the discounts and complimentary access to club events.

How can I customize my spirit and the barrel?
All of our barrels are #3 char, but you can choose to add additional oak infusion spirals to up the char level and promote aging. In addition to the copper name plate, you are also able to add a branded company logo plaque to the end of the barrel ($50).

Can I add spices or special ingredients to my barrel?
To assure that you are happy with the final product, we do not allow any adjunct ingredients to be added at this time.

Can I bottle a portion now and age the rest longer?
Do to production requirements, the entirety of the barrel must be bottled at once when you determine it is ready.